Gillam, Zachariah

Gillam, Zachariah
   A New England skipper, sent out in 1668 by Prince Rupert and his associates, to Hudson Bay, in command of the Nonsuch, on a voyage of exploration and trade. Medard Chouart (q.v.) sailed with him, while Pierre Radisson (q.v.) followed, in 1669, in the Waveno. Gillam's journal of the voyage is quoted in Joseph Robson's Hudson's Bay. Made several subsequent voyages to the bay, on behalf of the Hudson's Bay Company. In 1684 his ship crushed in the ice at the mouth of Nelson River, and he and several of the crew perished.
   Bib.: Robson, Account of Six Years' Residence in Hudson's Bay; Laut, Conquest of the Great North-West; Burpee, Search for the Western Sea; Bryce, Hudson's Bay Company.

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